ESL & Bilingual Education


Department Chair
Alan Matan

Department Information
English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education services provide a comprehensive program for students learning English, where the focus is on English language learning and literacy development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with the goal to continue the students’ education and contribute to the social, economic, and political life of the United States. The curriculum focuses around the WIDA English Language Development Standards, College Readiness, and the Common Core State Standards through the Illinois Learning Standards. There is also a heavy focus on helping students integrate successfully into the academic and social life of the school.

Maine 207 Bilingual & ESL Services

The specific ESL levels and courses taught within the ESL Department include:

Level One

  • Beginning ESL
  • English Through Content I - Language Arts (Reading Elective credit)

Level Two
  • Advanced Beginning ESL
  • English Through Content II - Language Arts

Level Three
  • Intermediate ESL
  • Intermediate ESL Reading

Level Four
  • Advanced ESL
  • Advanced ESL Reading

Level Five
  • Advanced American English Skills
  • Sheltered Content Courses are also offered to our English language learners in
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Extended Algebra - a 70 minute math class covering topics in Pre-Algebra and Algebra
  • Science Explorations
  • Biology
  • World Cultures
  • US History
  • Government
  • Oral Communications
  • Consumer Education
  • Health
  • Spanish for Native Spanish Speakers I and II

  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy