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District Staff

Maine Township High School District 207’s Administrative Offices include:Superintendent’s Office, Assistant Superintendent’s Offices, Business Office, Human Resources, Special Education Administration, Director of Assessment, Director of Building and Grounds and Director of Communications.

 District Administration        
  Administrator Assistant Phone Email
 Superintendent Dr. Ken Wallace Ginny Edwards  847.692.8005  [email protected]
 Assistant Supt. – General Administration Greg Dietz Deb Michalik  847.692.8008  [email protected] 
 Assistant Supt. – Curriculum & Innovation Shawn Messmer Amanda Cargola  847.692.8038  [email protected]
 Assistant Supt. – Business Mary Kalou Nancy Vehrs  847.692.8026  [email protected]
 Chief Technology Officer Mark Ordonez    847.692.8064   [email protected]
 Innovative Adult Learning Coordinator Jill Geocaris Amanda Cargola  847.692.8038  [email protected]
 Board Secretary / Assistant to Superintendent Ginny Edwards    847.692.8005  [email protected]
 Administrative Assistant Debra Michalik    847.692.8008  [email protected]
  Janice Cacciatore    847.692.8036  [email protected]
 Business Office Team      847.692.  
 Assistant Superintendent for Business  Mary Kalou Nancy Vehrs  847.692.8026  [email protected]
 Director of Facilities  Dave Ulm    847.692.8029  [email protected]
 Administrative Assistant  Nancy Vehrs    847.692.8026  [email protected]
 Accounts Payable / Staff P-Cards  Iliana Garcia    847.692.8028  igarcia
 Benefits Coordinator Mary Phillips    847.692.8035  mphillips
 Fiscal Services Coordinator Karen McGovern    847.692.8022  kmcgovern
 Payroll Specialist Laura Boldt    847.692.8034  [email protected]
 Payroll Specialist Karen Georgalis    847.692.8033  [email protected]
 Purchasing Helga Kennedy    847.692. 8030  [email protected]
 Student Activities / Accounting Sheila Wechter    847.692.8085  [email protected]
 Special Education        
 Director of Special Education Deborah Larsen Ann Feldkamp   847.384.6366  [email protected]
  Ed Pieczynski     847.292.6393  [email protected]
 Administrative Assistant Shannon Halt     847.692.8040  [email protected]
 Other District Staff        
 Director of Assessment Don Marzolf    847.692.8013  [email protected]
 Director of Communications David Beery    847.692.8053  [email protected]
 Receptionist/Switchboard Laurie Nagel    847.692.8003  [email protected]