January 16, 2019
Students Honored by Board for Improved Performance

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Three seniors were recently honored by the Maine Township High School District 207 Board of Education as “207’s Best” for improved performance. Daniel Bohar from Maine West, Yesenia Martinez from Maine South and Alexander Arriaga Ortega from Maine East were all recognized by the Board of Education.

Daniel is described in the nomination letter as someone who is in charge of his life who was not always adept at navigating the curricular and extra-curricular aspects of school but is today. He has overcome many challenges in his journey including reaching independence from the need for teacher assistants in any class. Read the nomination letter for Daniel

Yesenia’s teachers indicated in her nomination letter that they have all loved working with her and are cheering her on as she prepares for college and a career in nursing, which is truly a dream of hers.  She has advocated for herself, disciplined herself to stay on track, and is determined to move life forward. Read the nomination letter for Yesenia

The nomination letter for Alexander stated that he has not only shown impeccable progress in academic skills, but has taken ownership of his learning and embraced his time at Maine East. This school year alone, Alex has overcome his personal fears by joining two clubs, advocating to be involved in choir, trying out for the spring musical and earning a role in the production. Read the nomination letter for Alexander