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Career & Technical Education

Department Chair
Samantha Archer


Administrative Assistant
Tami Boyd

Chris Addante

Carrie Barone

David Baysingar

Jennifer Chen-Ho

Alex Comerford

Jordan Davis

Linda DiLegge

Matt Feeney

Victor Fuentes

Theresa Hardin




Timothy Heim

Charles Lee

Kristin Mazanowski

Joe Pederson

Michael Randazzo

Andrew Schneider

Amy Swanson

Paul Tomasiewicz

Emma VanJacobs

Alissa Zobrist 

Department Information
Maine 207 has a long and rich tradition of providing a comprehensive education for Maine Township students, dating back to becoming the first school in Illinois to offer automotive repair classes students in the original high school building on Dempster/Thacker. Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes and laboratories challenge students to apply knowledge gained in academic classes to situations they will encounter in life and employment. These classes are a valuable part of a well-rounded education that provide opportunities for career exploration, skill development, and preparation for further education.

CTE classes prepare students for well-paying, satisfying careers in fields such as: architecture, engineering, computer information systems, building trades, automotive technology, graphic arts, accounting, finance, marketing, education, health care, hotel and restaurant management, culinary arts, fashion, and interior design.

Great effort is made to provide programs that are state-of-the-art and current with industry standards and employment expectations. Several courses even prepare students to take industry standard certification exams and to earn professional credentials while they are still in high school.

Additionally, career experiences for all students are a growing and important focus of student learning in Maine 207, and many of these are rooted in the learning opportunities that emerge from Career & Technical Education classes.