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Department Chair
Mike Smith

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Fitzgibbons

Miguel Aguirre
Chris Arends
John Butterfield
Kacey Carpenter
Amy Claus
Paul Depcik
Rebecca Harro
John Hauenstein
Emily Hurst
Linsay Perkins

Karrie Kamai
Deanna Kuzmanic
Rachel Lappe
Rachel Levin
Kara Macak
Donna Michaels
Brian Muscia
Jennifer Stutheit

Teacher Assistants
Lisa Bieschke
Audra Dean
Emily Hurst
Caroline Rzany


The Maine West Math Department has a proud history of providing the best math instruction possible for students of varied math backgrounds.  The department is made up of 17 teachers, 4 teacher assistants, a department chair and a department administrative assistant.  Starting with the 2019-20 school year, students who traditionally would have been in Algebra 1 will follow an integrated curriculum.    Here is a link to the district’s Integrated Math page (Version en español).   Our course teams have been transformed into Professional Learning Teams (PLTs.)  This will help in our mission of using differentiated instruction (DI) and MTSS procedures to provide timely help when a student starts to struggle.  We follow all best practices surrounding MTSS and have a Teir 2 MTSS room set aside for every period of the day to provide Tier II support for students in Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3.  Students work with our TAs to solidify specific skills after being referred by our teachers and PLTs.  Students exit this support when they show proficient skill levels.  We are extremely excited about the achievements of our math team.  They continue to finish well in their division.  

We have recently started up a chapter of Mu Alpha Theta.  Contact the officers with any questions.  

The Board of Education continues to support the district’s plan to provide access to a TI-84 plus calculator for every student who wants one as a loan. Students may purchase their own for use outside of school or use on their Chromebooks.  Students who already own the appropriate device are encouraged to use their own rather than being responsible for a school-owned device.  A replacement cost will be charged to students who damage or do not return their school-owned calculator.