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Department Chair
Dr. Tim Pappageorge

Administrative Assistant
Julie Adams






Nicole Avadek
Liana Bracker
Chris Brassell
Matt Ellefson
Brian Getz
Charles Gray
Jenny Gustavson
Margie Hiselman
Ryan Klatt
Seth MacLowry
Kristen Marshall

Laurie McGowan
Todd Ruder
Gus Segovia
Jennifer Struebing
Anthony Tavano
Joel Walsh
Jane Wisdom

Teacher Assistants:
Angelica Corbett
Leila Noelle

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Department Information
The English department believes all engaged citizens need critical literacy skills and to develop lifelong learners. English classes provide students with a deep foundation of writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. English classes range from focusing on reading and understanding fiction and non-fiction text, conducting original research, and writing and speaking for a variety of audiences. Additionally, there are a number of courses that offer college credit as part of successful course completion through both Advanced Placement tests as well as through dual-credit with Oakton Community College.

The major goals of English classes are that students will engage in critical language practices:

  • explore key ideas through ‘all-in,’ democratic classroom discussions. 
  • acknowledge the dignity of all students, teachers, and community members that belong to our Maine West community.
  • read books, stories, and non-fiction that represent all students through ‘mirrors’ in which they see themselves and ‘mirrors’ in which they can see and empathize with others.  
  • read with understanding and fluency.
  • understand the expressed meaning in literature representative of various societies, eras, and ideas.
  • write in order to communicate for a variety of purposes.
  • write with language control with an understanding of usage and mechanics for various settings and purposes.
  • listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.
  • use reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to research and apply information for specific purposes.