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Maine West ChromeDepot

The Maine West ChromeDepot is located in back of the library and is the school’s Chromebook service center and go-to place for technical support. Our technicians provide support for variety of educational technology issues including account management, Student/Parent Portal, hardware and software issues. Technical support is available is available in-person (appointment required), by email, or by phone during school hours*. To help keep everyone safe during the pandemic, students must make an appointment with the ChromeDepot via our support site: get a pass from a teacher prior to visiting the ChromeDepot. Self-service support is always available via our knowledge base at
Student Chromebook Repairs and Chromebook Information
If you are having problems with your Chromebook, please enter a request via our support site: A technician will respond to your request and determine if we can resolve your issue remotely or schedule an appointment with you to bring your device in for free evaluation. Many issues can be resolved quickly and most at no cost to the student. For information about the D207 Chromebook Program, including student expectations, repair fees, and borrowing a Chromebook, please see the program summary:
ChromeDepot Location: In the back of school library
ChromeDepot Hours*: 
Monday to Friday
 7:30AM – 3:30PM**
*When school is in session, hours may vary on non-school days. Closed evenings, weekends and school holidays.
** To help keep everyone safe, students must have an appointment or a pass from a teacher to visit the ChromeDepot.
Contact Information
Call us at 847-827-7551
Support Information
Students: To request support or to make an appointment to visit the ChromeDepot, please visit and click “submit a request” (login required).
Parents: If you have questions about your student’s Chromebook, Parent Portal or other educational technology issues, please email, call us or visit our support site at
Staff: Log in to Eduphoria Help Desk (link) to make your request