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Scholarships are available through universities and through organizations. Click here for "YOUR GUIDE TO SEARCHING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS:  Scouting for College Dollars," brought to you by ISAC - the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

You should always review the criteria of the scholarships for which you plan to apply.  Be sure to note the deadlines!  Do not wait until last minute.  Know what is required.  If you need letters of recommentations, be sure to give your recommender at least two weeks' notice. 

This scholarship page has several sections:

SECTION ONE:  Links to a list of scholarships that some colleges and universities award only to students that will attend their school.  This can be especially useful when you are researching colleges to which you might apply.  This list was compiled by Maine Township High Schools over a number of years, and the scholarships may have changed.  This is only a sample.  You should check the schools' websites for the most up to date scholarship information. 

Sample College Scholarships

Another helpful site for searching scholarships offered by universities is


SECTION TWO:  Regularly, the CRC will post a scholarship bulletin of organizational scholarships that are being sent to the school. These are organized by deadline.  Check to see if you qualify. Many of these have online applications, and a website will be posted for you to use. If we receive paper applications for a scholarship, these will be in the scholarship drawer in the CRC.  Often they are scanned and attached to the posting.  You should click on the scholarship and look at the details to access web links and/or uploaded applications.

A summary of the Scholarship Calendar is posted under "Announcements" on CRC Home Page, in the upper, right-hand side of the page.  This PDF file is updated every couple weeks and provides a quick summary of all the scholarships listed below.  You will need to go directly to the calendar below to access any attachements. You are able to scroll down and click on each scholarship to find the details such as descriptions and links.


SECTION THREE:  Other scholarship sources - Be sure to use reliable sources! 

DO NOT FALL FOR SCAMS!! There are many of them out there. You should never have to pay money for a scholarship or a scholarship service. There are no guarantees for scholarships, and the same information can be found for free on online resources or in the scholarship books in the CRC. Scholarships take work and research. See this link for more information about protecting yourself from scams: Scholarship Scams Tip Sheet.

There are numerous web resources. Below are a few reliable sites:

  • Family Connections - Your Family Connections account has great resources and links!
  • – a great, free database of scholarships. Fill out a free questionnaire, and you will receive lists of scholarships you might qualify for. You will need to go through these scholarships to select the ones that are appropriate for you.
  • – free online resource for MERIT AID awarded by colleges
  • – website has information on many college-related topics. It includes a free scholarship search.
  • – The State of Illinois’ website for students and parents. It has resources on many different topics related to college planning and paying for college.
  • – Free website with several useful tools including a scholarship search.
  • – Free website from SallieMae with resources for all aspects of the college planning process.
  • – Free website with a scholarship search tool.

Websites for Hispanic Students

Click here for a list of scholarships regardless of immigration status.  Below are additional sites to visit:
Below is a list of ISAC (Illinios Student Assistance Commission) Recommended Scholarship Sources: 
ISAC Recommended Scholarship Sources

Illinois Students:

Illinois Student Assistance Commission:


Minority Students:

Gates Millennium Scholars:

LAGRANT Foundation:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund:

Hispanic Heritage Foundation:

UNCF Scholarships, Internships and Fellowships:

Jackson Robinson Foundation:

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund:

Female Students:

Distinguished Young Women:

Advancing Women in Transportation:

Scholarships for Women:






Scholarship Search Sites:

Scholarship America:

College Greenlight:




Financial Need Based:

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation:


Chicago Scholars:

Other Sources:

The Posse Foundation, Inc:

Ronald McDonald House Charities:

Burger King McLamore Foundation:
Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation:
Microsoft-University Scholarships:


Big Sun Athletics:

Non-Traditional Students:

Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund:

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