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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning:

This intervention is detailed below. Typically a referral for this intervention is first sent to the student’s counselor, discussed by the school counselor with the Student Support Team (SST), then assigned by the SST if the intervention is appropriate. 

The Executive Functioning Intervention is a Tier 2 intervention that was developed to address a variety of issues which may impact student learning and progress. Teachers may refer students who are demonstrating deficits in the areas of organization of materials, time management, homework completion, long-term project completion and/or study skills. The Problem-Solving team will determine the referral reason so that the student will receive instruction using lessons addressing targeted concerns .Students are able to begin the Executive Functioning intervention the Monday after the PST meets. The number of days and length of the intervention is determined by the PST to ensure each individual access to other interventions as needed.

Student may also self-refer at any point. 

Additionally, students returning form long term hospitalizations and or students whose PST deem them as needing the intervention after long absences can now be referred to the Executive Functioning room so they can get caught up with assignments.