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In addition to athletics and fine arts, Maine East High School offers students opportunities to get involved, learn and create, contribute to the community, and explore their interests through dozens of clubs. Some of the clubs available to students at Maine East High School are listed below.

For more information about getting involved with clubs, students can always check with Mr. DiLegge.

Maine East High School Clubs


Club  Club Sponsor Sponsor’s E-mail
Amnesty Club Ms. Garvy [email protected]
Assyrian Club Ms. Benjamin [email protected]
Baggo Club Ms. Propst [email protected]
Bake-For-A-Change Ms. Villalobos [email protected]
Chem Plus Ms. Etzwiler [email protected]
Chess Club Mr. Ocampo [email protected]
Class Council – Senior Ms. Samlan [email protected]
Class Council – Junior Ms. Vasta [email protected]
Class Council – Sophomore Ms. Wolfe [email protected]
Class Council – Freshman Ms. Sadler [email protected]
CCA – Comic, Cartoon, Animation Mr. Zielinski [email protected]
Cosmetic Club Ms. Benjamin [email protected]
Debate Mr. Barnstein [email protected]
Demon-ocracy Ms. Conlon [email protected]
Demons Against Depression Mr. Clark [email protected]
East Pride Ms. Samlan [email protected]
Ecology Club (Green Reach) Ms. Riha [email protected]
EDGE – Literary Magazine Ms. Lee-Chin [email protected]
FCCLA – Early Childhood Ms. Meyer [email protected]
FCCLA – Culinary Ms. Benjamin [email protected]
FCCLA – Fashion Ms. Ristow [email protected]
Feminist Club Ms. Garvy [email protected]
Filipino Club Ms. Lee slee[email protected]
Foreign Language Honoraries Mr. Lewis [email protected]
French Club Mr. Lewis [email protected]
German Club Mr. Illescas Amador [email protected]
Graphic Art Club Ms. Peterson [email protected]
Gymnastics Circus Club Ms. Axelson McClelland [email protected]
Health Care Society Ms Pauly [email protected]
Hellenic Club Ms. Edsey [email protected]
H2O Club Mr. Dobner [email protected]
International Club Ms. Bruzan [email protected]
Investment Club Mr. Lasky [email protected]
Italian Club Ms. Ungaro [email protected]
Korean Club Ms. Lee [email protected]
Latino Club Mr. Ocampo [email protected]
LENS  Yearbook Ms. Papanastasopoulos [email protected]
M-Club Mr. Schanz [email protected]
Maine East Recreation Club Mr. Lasky [email protected]
Maine Historical Society Ms. Salamon [email protected]
Math Team Mr. Dobner [email protected]
M.E. Cares Ms. Samlan [email protected]
Model United Nations Mr. Thomas [email protected]
Mongolian Club Ms. Papanastasopoulos [email protected]
MU Alpha Theta Ms. Odegard [email protected]
Muslim Student Association Ms. Aasi [email protected]
National Forensic League Mr. Pappageorge [email protected]
National Honor Society Ms. Reitz [email protected]
Novus Club Mr. Schwan [email protected]
Phi Lamdba Kappa Mr. Lewis [email protected]
Ping Pong Club Mr. Brown [email protected]
The Pioneer Mr. Miller [email protected]
Polish Club Ms. Lipka [email protected]
Principal Advisory Dr. Pressler [email protected]
Project Plus Ms. Tyler [email protected]
“R” Code Mr. Peters [email protected]
Reading Club Ms. Morgan [email protected]
Robotics Club Mr. Wieczorek [email protected]
Rotary Interact Mr. Schwan [email protected]
Scholastic Bowl Mr. Doak [email protected]
Science Fiction Club Mr. Zielinski [email protected]
Senior Leaders Ms. Bonifazi [email protected]
Serbian Club Ms. Salamon [email protected]
Shades of Maine East Mr. Boyle [email protected]
SKILLS Mr. Kaiser [email protected]
South Asian Club Mr. Khambholja [email protected]
Spanish Club Mr. Lewis [email protected]
Sports Medicine Club Ms. Luetje [email protected]
Student Council Ms. Bourn [email protected]
Tech Genius Ms. Morgan [email protected]
Winter Sports Club Ms. Villalobos [email protected]