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Transfer Students

Enrollment Process for Transfer Students

1. Officially withdraw from your current school. 

  • You will need documentation that you are officially withdrawn. You will be given an official withdrawal form once you do so.
  • If transferring from another Illinois high school. You will be provided with the form below but we have included a copy for your reference:



2. Complete required forms (click links below for info):

3. Provide copies of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Transcript and test scores from previous school
  • Copy of IEP or 504 (if applicable)
    • You will need to complete a Release of Records form that will be sent to your child’s previous school, authorizing the school to send your child’s records to Maine West
  • If you believe you qualify for reduced or free lunch and books, please complete the Fee Waiver Application (see above) and bring in a copy of your most recent income taxes. 
    • If you were approved for a fee waiver this school year, please provide a copy of that approval