New websites launched

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New websites launched
Posted on 04/15/2017
Maine Township High School District 207 has launched new websites for the District and each of the schools. Some highlights of the new website include:

Current, up-to-date content - A major portion of the transition from the existing sites to the new sites was ensuring that content was accurate and up-to-date. Plans have also been developed to systematically ensure that the content remains current moving forward.

Highlight critical areas of focus to all stakeholders - Significant efforts have been made to ensure that all of the key areas of focus of the District are highlighted in detail on the website. Some of these areas include, but are not limited to:
  • Career experiences, including planning with Career Cruising and internships
  • Coaching for professional and organizational growth
  • Student agency and authentic learning
  • Finances and governance

Navigation and links - As part of this process, a variety of individuals were consulted to help determine the best layout for navigation and links in an effort to balance these issues for a wide range of users. This work included significant collaboration with the Maine East Tech Genius Club as they gathered data for their student web app project that informed the navigation structure for students. The District will analyze usage patterns on the sites and collect feedback from users after the site has been in use for a few months to inform potential changes and improvements in these and other areas.

Up-to-date look and feel - The websites have a refreshed, modern look-and-feel that more closely matches the forward-thinking learning for students and staff that takes place daily in Maine 207. A focus on engaging photography also communicates the District’s focus on students and learning  throughout the new sites.

Mobile responsive - The new websites are “mobile responsive,” dynamically adjusting to the screen size and resolution of the device that the website visitor is using to view the site. Many websites find that the majority of traffic to the site is from mobile devices, so this is a critical feature.

Search - Visitors to the website will be encouraged to use the site’s built-in search feature, which will in many cases be the most efficient way for them to find information that they are seeking on the site.

Learn more with short videos
A series of short videos to help students, staff, parents, and other visitors to our sites learn more and become accustomed to them can be accessed here at
  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy