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Social/Emotional Services

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A number of students hospitalized for mental health reasons has been increasing over the years. Below is a video we have created to help you understand the process and how we support our students with extended absences stemming from hospitalizations. 

Maine West Community Resource Guide

Welcome to the community! Click below to access our community resources booklet that may assist you with your transition to the Des Plaines area. This is not a comprehensive list. If you are in need of additional resources, you may contact one of the School Social Workers or Psychologists at Maine West High School.

Community Resource Booklet

Community Referral List

** The school/district does not endorse any of the providers. This is a list of available resources in the community but the list is not exhaustive.

Click below to access a  copy of our Pediatric Symptoms Checklist (Y-PSC)

Click Here to access the Y-PSC

Click Here to access the Youth Scale (English) or the Youth Scale (Spanish)